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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The few people who really know me also might know that I have a small, okay, so maybe it's not small at all but that's beside the point (sort of) obsession for lists. They seem to be a form of meditation for me, a perfect way to balance my life and make me feel like I am fully in control. I hadn't taken notice of the list maker that dwelled inside of me and just how much she influenced my life until I was searching the shelves of Barnes & Nobles and found a very cute little book: Love Listography. I dunno if it was the feel of the book in my hands or the cutesy drawings that can be found throughout the book, but I fell in love. I then saw another book with the same style simply entitled: Listography. I stood there looking at these books, scanning the pages and all the possibilities, all the lists! I got a HUGE smile on my face and I ran to go find my cousin and shove it in her face with loads of giddyness. Later on that day, I understood the magnitude of the list power. Oh boy. I visisted a website that the books had printed in the back cover,, and fell into a deep pit of list making euphoria. It's very much like a blog except for list making lovers like myself. Because I recently started on my profile, I don't have much done but I will make sure to post the link soon. If there are any obsessive list makers out there, I highly suggest you check out the books and the website.
Much love, Crystal.


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